Welcome to Goodtogotees  projects page.  Besides creating original and funny graphic t-shirt
designs,  here are some of my other creations I have designed and built as the need and
inspiration was required.  I hope these projects and designs inspire you to create something
unique as well.  Enjoy and be sure to visit my online t-shirt and gift store.  Thanks for visiting!
Lighted Sun Sail Shade
Party Time!  I took our existing 20' triangle sun sail shade over our pool and added
Christmas mini lights along the perimeter of the sail.  This was accomplished with
the sail on the ground and adding UV rated black tie wraps every 4th bulb.  Small
holes were punctured into the outer seam band just large enough for the 4" long
tie wraps to be inserted and wrapped around the light wire.  The electrical
connection is to a GFCI outdoor outlet just off the pool deck.  If you attempt this
project,, remember safety first and a secure sail especially over a pool comes
first!  This lighted sail would work just a well over any patio area as well.
This little side table was repurposed.  The existing
glass top that came with this faux wicker stand has
been replaced with a 16 inch round pine circle
purchased at Lowes.  The theme for our Lanai and
pool  entertaining is affectionately named "Club
Giles"  which was wood burned into the pine top and
clear coated with 4 coats of polyurethane.  The top
is secured from the underside of the existing table
top with wood screws
Pool Deck Cocktail  Table with storage
Pool Float Storage Rack
This handy dandy pool float
rack was made from 1 inch pvc
pipe and fittings.  Keeps all the
floats secure and in one place.  
Cheap and easy to build!
Wood-burned Cocktail  Table
No more fried cell phones in the sun or your phone
going for an accidental swim. The shaded cubby
space perfect for your all your wireless gear, even
the bluetooth speaker poolside.  Top is a 16"x!6"
marble tile inset into a lattice frame to hold your
favorite drink.  The box is pine with cedar post
legs,  All painted with exterior white enamel.
PVC Mini  Projector Table
This projector stand was made with
3/4" pvc pipe and fittings.  The great
part about this design is that it folds
flat for storage when not in use.  The
top is MDF painted white
Lighted Treble Clef Bookcase
And finally my pride and joy of all projects.  This bookcase was inspired both by a pin
on Pinterest and by my Daughter, a music education teacher.  The curved wood is
steam bent maple and the shelves and center structure are made  from poplar.  Low
voltage LED ligting under each shelf was incorporated into the build.  painted satin
black and hanging brackets on the reverse side.  My daughter plans to display this in
her music classroom in the future
Thanks again for visiting and checking out my inventions and creations!
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